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Curriculum Vitae

Let me introduce myself.

Born and raised in the North of the Netherlands, I now live and study Software Engineering in Rotterdam at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The search for adventure and the desire to experience is the reason I moved to the biggest port city of Europe.

Personally, I would describe myself as ambitious, open, social, adventurous, focussed, hard-working, and creative.

My goal is to create not 'just' a website or 'just' an app, but a piece of fully responsive, dynamic, digital art. I want to work on the coolest, newest, groundbraking projects.



web Html, css, javascript, Typescript
Node, Angular4, jQuery, React,
Bootstrap, Materialize
Games C#
Unity networking, MySQL, Procedural Generation, FTP, Unity Mobile Development
Apps Typescript, Java
Android studio, Ionic
Google Material Library, Google maps, Node, Location tracking
Project Scrum, Agile

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